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 Level 144 Handel

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Level 144 Handel Empty
PostSubject: Level 144 Handel   Level 144 Handel EmptyFri May 20, 2016 3:16 am

This one seemed fairly easy after beating Sumnor. Just had to get timing and hero's worked out. I had just promoted to lvl 146 when I beat him.

Treasure: 145/146 on Attack, 145/145 on defense, and 145/146 on troops

Heros; Aslak lvl 121 (Ult. Hippo) with 2 awaken scrolls done advanced tactic and advanced troops-used his tactic first, he left 400 troops on enemy general
Nadric lvl 115 (Ult. Devine) used tactic first row to stop 2nd hit from troops left by Aslak, he killed off opposing general
Grenwood lvl 116(Ult. Rose) Tactics first and last rows, timing the last hit it hit first row of Handel
Harold lvl 108 (Ult. Mandela) Lyle lvl 105 as squire, since Grenwood stunned first row of Handel I waited to use Harold's tactic till after Handel used his and only had 4 rows left, then Harold killed off all but 1 row on Handel which Lyle killed with ease.

Gems; lvl 5 thunder/lvl 2 crit on attack
lvl 20 star/lvl 16 star on defense, and
lvl 20 star/lvl 16 star gem on troops

This one was more about moving hero's to right position and getting timing down. After Sumnor where they hit 4 rows with tactic, on Handel they only hit 3 of your rows. Which confuses things cause if you dont time it right they will get double tactic hits on you.

Good luck

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Level 144 Handel
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