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 Level 125 Silas

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Level 125 Silas Empty
PostSubject: Level 125 Silas   Level 125 Silas EmptySat Jan 30, 2016 9:14 am

Aslak, Level 111 (Heav. Devine)
Hangred, Level 90 (Night Lion Armor)
Sumnor, Level 106 (Heav. Mandala)
Darius, Level 109 (Heav. Rose), Rimber Squire with Heavenly Ancient

Gems, 5 Star Gems (level 1 gems, level 4 polish grades), level 11 gem on troops

Use your tactical attacks manually.

Wait to use Darius's 2nd Tactical until you only have 1 row left.

Same for Hangred.
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Level 125 Silas
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