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 Level 127 Calvin

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PostSubject: Level 127 Calvin   Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:31 am

Possibly the easiest NPC of the Bite Back Scenario, I got 2 blocks against him and didn't even have to use my 4th character.

Aslak, Level 112 (Heav. Rose)
Darius, Level 110 (Heav. Devine)
Sumnor, Level 107 (Heav. Mandala), Rimber Squire (Night Lion Armor)
Silas (DIDN'T USE)

Treasures - all left side were level 127, right side were level 126

Gems, 6 Star Gems (Level 5 and 3 on attack, Level 2 and 1 on defense, Level 4 and 3 on troops) all polished grades from 3 to 4

Use your tactical attacks manually.

Use Aslak's tactical attack right away.

Use Darius' first tactical attack when you only have 2 of HIS's rows left

Use Darius' second tactical attack when you only have 1 row left.

Use Sumnor's tactical attack when you only have 1 row left.
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Level 127 Calvin
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