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 LVL 143 Somnor (the killer)

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LVL 143 Somnor (the killer) Empty
PostSubject: LVL 143 Somnor (the killer)   LVL 143 Somnor (the killer) EmptyThu May 12, 2016 3:14 am

This scenerio i probably the one that has given me the most trouble yet. Many attempts and many more fails to finally get it. When I finally beat him I was lvl 145.

Treasure was 145/145 on attack, 144/143 on defense, and 145/145 on troops

Hero's used:
Harold lvl 108 (Ult. Mandela) Necklace 22/22 tactic used first row, killed opposing hero completely when he died,
Aslak lvl 121 (Ult. Hippo) Necklace 23/20 tactic used first row, left half a row of opposing hero,
Grenwood lvl 115 (Ult, Rose) necklace 23/23 used tactic's first row, to stun the remaining half row left from aslak, 2nd tactic hit timed on last row, which stunned last row of his hero and first row of somnor,
Nadric lvl 115 (Ult. Devine) Rimber lvl 114 Squire necklace 23/21 saved tactic hit to last row, used it that way to stun last 2 rows of Somnor for rimber to have stun help for finish him off.

Gems: lvl4 thunder/lvl2 critical on attack 4390 total points on attack
lvl16/lvl16 star gem on defense 2265 total points on defense
lvl19/lvl16 star gem on troops 6184 total points on troops

the total points i am listing on gems are just the points that show on the treasure, not actual tats on hero's.
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LVL 143 Somnor (the killer)
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