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 Henry lvl141

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Henry lvl141 Empty
PostSubject: Henry lvl141   Henry lvl141 EmptySun Apr 24, 2016 7:13 pm

Henry gave me a few hassles, had to run it a few times to get combinations, and line up correct. I was lvl 141 when i beat him all treasure was lvl 141, except defense treasure which was lvl 140.

the line up
Aslak lvl115 (H. Mandela) used tactic first
Hecthorne lvl 115 (Ultimate Hippo) timed tactic on last row.
Grenwood lvl 112 (Ultimate Rose) first tactic hit 1st row, 2nd hit on last row (which hit first row of henry)
Darius lvl 113 (H. Devine) Rimber squire 1st hit on first row, and timed 2nd hit for his last row.

Gems were 18/17 attack, 15/15 on defense and 16/15 on troops

Thunder total was 92, but still only got 1 thunder hit during the battle.
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Henry lvl141
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