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 Level 130 Kirkbil

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Level 130 Kirkbil Empty
PostSubject: Level 130 Kirkbil   Level 130 Kirkbil EmptyTue Feb 16, 2016 10:57 pm

Need high attack, Sail is useless cause the NPCs doesn't use tactics...

Aslak, Level 112 (Heav. Devine)
Rimber, Level 113 (Heav. Ancient), level 104 Sail as squire (Night Lion)
Sumnor, Level 110 (Heav. Mandala)
Hangred, Level 92 (Heav. Rose)

Gems - all Star Gems, L10/L7 on attack, L5/L5 on defense, L6/L6 on troops

wait to use Hangred's tactic till he is on the last row.
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Level 130 Kirkbil
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